If you have been visiting Legoland Billund, Lalandia or Givskud Zoo, you can, if choose accommodation at Engelsholm B&B, end the day with a little silence, with forest and lake just outside the door.

You can also choose to visit some of the attractions within walking distance from us. Just a few minutes of walk from us you find Engelsholm Castle, which serves as high school in music and art. Linked to this is a baroque garden, which has recently been restored to several million kroner. If you continue past the castle, along the little dirt road to the right, you'll find Danish Glass Art after a few minutes of further walking. Here you will find glass art of all kinds. Should you desire to buy something to take home, so is the opportunity there. If you go contrary to the left relative to the castle, into the woods, so you get to the newly established packed lunches / barbecue house, which also has access down to Engelsholm Lake. Nørup church is also worth a visit. The church is known for its highly detailed preserved baroque furniture. From us, it takes approx. fifteen minutes to go there.

Blue Hors is located 5 km. from us.

Engelsholm B & B offers accommodation near Legoland Billund. But you also find a lot of other attractions in a short distance from us. Below you find a number of them.


If you need accommodation after a visit to Legoland Billund, there is approx. a fifteen minute drive to Engelsholm b & b. LEGOLAND hardly need any explanation, it probably can be said to be one of Denmark's most famous amusement parks. There are lots of fun and exciting experiences for children and families.From Engelsholm Bed and Breakfast is approx. 15 km. to Legoland.Over the years are held many events and shows in Legoland.Polar Land is the big news in 2012.


Many have opened their eyes to the joys of keeping short break or semester in Lalandia. An oasis in everyday life where time is spent with those you love most. With an abundance of child friendly activities, family restaurants, quaint cottages and, of course Lalandia Aquadome ™ is a visit to Lalandia a sure hit for not only families with children, but for all who want to keep the break, where everything is in one place. It is impossible to get bored on a holiday in Lalandia, because there are activities for everyone. After a tour of Lalandia Aquadome may for instance be tried bowling, miniature golf, Monky Tonky playground, sports hall, fitness center and much more. And evenings in Lalandia are with a variety of delicious restaurants and plenty of entertainment in the form of stage shows, if not just standing on relaxation and fun in the holiday house. From Engelsholm B&B is approx. 15 km to Lalandia in Billund.

BindeballeBindeballe KøbmandsgaardBindeballe Købmandsgaard

On the shelves you'll find everything from wheat flour, freshly ground coffee and pearl barley, the local brew "Bindeballe bitter." The cheese is specially compiled from Nørup Dairy, like the yards of other products such as grocery farm specializes on the shelves.

Givskud ZooGivskud Zoo

Do you need accommodation after visiting Givskud Zoo, there are approx. 25 minute drive to Engelsholm bed and breakfast. In 2011, the news in Givskud is a giant playground. Givskud Zoo is known as the Lion Park, a modern zoo with approx. 70 different species.

Kongernes JellingJelling

The Vikings last year, when men like Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth had their days in Jelling. In Jelling created kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth after the middle of 900-years a unique plant with roots in pagan antiquity. The two impressive mounds, Harald Bluetooth runic stone and the Romanesque church of calcareous rock is the final step in the expansion of the royal monument. Below them are the remains of a huge stone ship and the traces of the first three church buildings of wood in Jelling.

Engelsholm slotEngelsholm Castle

It is a school of art and music.Engelsholm offers great setting for your outing: a beautiful baroque castle with turrets and spiers, ghosts, a moat, park, lake, forest and banqueting hall. In the old farm buildings the school's well-equipped workshops are located.From us, it takes approx. 3-4 minutes to walk to Engelsholm Castle.See more about events on their website.

Danish Glass ArtDanish Glass Art

From us, it takes a few minutes to walk down to the Danish Glass Art, which you can find if you follow the little dirt road to the right as you face down at Engelsholm castle. The artist says: "I turn to private as well as to businesses. I work with both the cold and the hot glass, combining the two techniques in pictures or blowing things. In 2002 I bought Søhuset of Engelsholm castle and has since built out and on many occasions. The place has become a project in itself, and I think it's fun to explore the myriad ways that glass can be involved in a home. Søhuset serves as a gallery on weekends, where people can go through the house and see the glass and visit the workshop. Otherwise it is the story that interests me. Myths, fantasy or dreams from the unconscious. Especially when I'm doing bigger things, like glass mosaics in the garden, I would like to have an idea that makes the surface to stick together and tell a story. "

Vingsted historiske værkstedVingsted historic workshop

Vingsted historic Workshop consists of Iron Age between Bindeballestien and Vingsted Lake and the Vingsted Mill, situated on the main road through Vingsted area right down to the valley river. Vingsted Mill is an old farmhouse that originally the room one of the largest water turbines in the Vejle river valley. Vingsted Mill has for a number of years been totally renovated and is now decorated and serves as a part of the historic center.There is also Vingsted hotel and conference center, which is the focal point for many different events, such as fairs, festivals, bridge festival etc. In addition, shooting ranges allow for the organization of various competitions in shooting.From Engelsholm B & B is approx. 10 minutes of driving to Vingsted. There is also Vingsted center, which provides the framework for many different events.

Landskabsskulptur i Tørskind GrusgravLandscape Sculpture in Tørskind Grusgrav

Sculptor Robert Jacobsen, in collaboration with his former student, sculptor Jean Clareboudt, converted the former gravel pit in Tørskind the sculpture park. Four of the sculptures are done by Egtved honorary citizen, Robert Jacobsen, five of Jean Clareboudt. The sculptures are made of concrete, iron, stone and wood and should be regarded as a collective work that goes into a dialogue with nature. The theme is the passage of the sun across the sky during a day. Light goes in dramatic dialogue with sculptures. In effect, the landscape sculpture experienced differently at different times of day and in different seasons. The landscape sculpture that is unique in Europe, was inaugurated in 1991.Not far from Egtved, you find the Egtved girl's grave.

Billund LufthavnBillund Airport

Unless you are very interested in airplanes, then Billund Airport hardly can be regarded as an attraction. But we mention it here anyway because we think Engelsholm Bed and Breakfast could be a possible place of accommodation for people traveling to and from Denmark. Or it could be the place where the meeting and accommodations can be combined.

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